Classic recovery: the RYA method

Ok, the (2 man) boat's on its side, both the crew are in the water: they've checked that they're ok and pushed the centreboard down and cleared the sheets. They're going to right the boat by the RYA method, and the round headed match-stick people will illustrate it in the animation. The view is straight onto the transom. RYA capsize recovery: click on pic to animate (click on pic to run animation)
(Stuff like the boom, mainsail, rudder omitted: it just got too complicated!) Typically, it looks a bit simpler than it is: It takes a really good throw to get the jibsheet over the hull: for best results the crew needs to haul himself out of the water while he throws so that he can get a decent backswing without getting his throwing arm underwater, but only just long enough to throw: putting his weight on the hull will tend to invert it. Once the helmsman has the sheet it takes a steady pull to get the hull to right: the sails and rig present a huge drag while they are in the water and novices often give up before the hull rights, although if they'd kept the pressure on they'd have succeeded.

If the helmsman can't get the boat back up, the crew is going to have to come and help. They darn well ought to hack it between them, but of course this leaves them both in the water when the boat comes upright. Getting back in the boat causes some major problems, and I'm tackling it on the 'Where it all goes wrong' page, here.

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