We've just looked at capsize recovery of a two man dinghy, so how about singlehanders? we'll start off by taking a look at lasers and toppers. I guess this would also apply to picos and the like, but that's outside my experience. Anyway, no two options on the laser, if you didn't manage to go over the top, you're going to have to swim round and pull it up with the centreboard. The boom's fairly high and not many lasers seem to have mainsheet jammers, so no problem there. One thing to look out for is that the dagger board isn't so far up that it can foul the boom, because if it can, either you won't get the boat up, or you'll be back in the drink in very short order indeed!

Once you've made it to the centreboard, getting the rig up out of the water is pretty straightforward: lasers and toppers have short light rigs. On a laser, thought, it's a lo-o-o-o-ong stretch up to the gunwhale to keep the hull coming up: somehow you've got to keep a bit of pressure on the board with one hand while you grab the gunwhale with the other

With both the laser and the topper, the very low freeboard makes getting back on board pretty straightforward; if you're having trouble check the 'getting aboard' piece on the next page. One strange characteristic of the laser in my experience is that it seems to swing head to wind as it rights: a couple of leg-kicks seem required to get the breeze back on the beam and make sure it doesn't tack and blow over on top of me.

With toppers, whenever they capsize the tiller flips over the rudder stock so that it hangs down aft of the hull and knits itself into an infernal knot with the mainsheet: a little loop of shockcord to prevent this would seem like a sensible mod (dunno if the class rules allow it, but that wouldn't stop me!).

Righting lines: a really worthwhile addition for single handers!
If your class rules allow them (sorry, laser-sailor!) righting lines are a really useful addition: attached just below the rubbing strake at max beam and with some sort of quick release at the transom. After a capsize, just grab the top one as you pass the back end and start pulling: you're righting the boat before you know it!
Big plusses:

One suggestion: choose thick enough line! I use some floaty 10mm stuff that I think is meant for water ski tow rope - thick enough to get a really good pull without hurting your hands!

Next topic: What to do when it all goes wrong!