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This history of Overy Staithe Sailing Club is presented as a Wiki: that is, it is a collaborative document that everyone is invited to contribute to. (Wikipedia is the best-known example, but I'm not expecting this to get so big!). The original text was written by Andy Turner from the club's records and from Peter and Melba Beck's cuttings books. Contributions, suggestions and criticisms are cordially invited.

A Brief History of Overy Staithe Sailing Club – Founded 1928.

A General Meeting was held on August 31st 1928 of interested visitors and locals in St Clement’s Parish Room to discuss the formation of a sailing club. The objects of the club were to be:
· To encourage the art of sailing.
· To promote healthy competition
· To hold frequent races.

The following were duly elected:President: Mr De Paula; Vice Presidents: Mr Lorrimer; Major Henderson; Mr Tabra; Mr Shepherd; Mr Phillips; Dr Stewart and Colonel Hales.
Members of the Committee were:Chairman – Rev C.E.Haines; Vice Chair – CaptM.Woodget; Secretary – Mr D. Carruthers; Asst Secretary – Mr A. Bell; Treasurer – Mr S. Everett;
Other Committee members were: Mr W. Haines; Mr J. Stoker; Mr May; Mr R. Woodget; Mr J. Riches.
The Annual Subscription was to be 2s 6d and vice presidents were approached for donations.
The first committee meeting was to take place on September 3rd 1928 at the residence of Mr W. Haines and the first sailing club race on September 5th 1928.
The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club took place on September 3rd 1929 where Capt M. Woodget, ex Master of the Cutty Sark, was elected as the first Commodore. Rules of the Yacht Racing Union were formally adopted and the balance of the club’s accounts was £4 9s 3d.
A Silver Challenge Cup was presented by Dr Crossley Holland.

In 1934 Mr S. Everett was elected Chairman and Mr De Paula President. Major Henderson was elected Commodore and subs were increased to 3 shillings per year. The club had now been affiliated to the YRA.
The Lorrimer Cup was to be a handicap race with Stella and Ballerina as the scratch boats. There was much discussion of the maximum sail area of boats to be raced (80 square feet)
In 1935 the Secretary was asked to write to Holkham Estate for permission to erect a starting post on the bank. The cost of building a concrete slipway was also discussed.Course marks were to be Walpole Buoy, West Beach buoy and Chalk Bank Buoy to the north of Gun Hill (weather permitting).
The last recorded committee meeting before the war was held on June 1st 1936 with Major Henderson as Commodore. Other committee members present were F.Haines, N.H.May, M.Smith, D.Smith, R.Woodget. Local residents were to be encouraged to join the sailing club with a reduced membership fee of 2s/6d, ordinary membership to be 5s.

After the second World War a meeting was held at Flagstaff House on 28th December 1949 to re-form the sailing club. Present were: Mr Haines, Mr Green, Mr Bell, Mr May, Mr W. Haines, Mr R. Scoles, Mr W. Moore, Mr P. Noyes, Mrs Green, Miss Green, Andrew Green and Mr P.W.Webb.
Mr Allan Bell was elected Commodore and Mr C.Green Vice-Commodore.
At a Committee Meeting in February 1950 at Flagstaff House there was further discussion of building a slipway and an estimate from Welcome Thompson was accepted.

Third formation of the Sailing club.
A meeting of those interested in re-forming the Sailing Club for the second time was called on the 15th January 1961. Present were Peter Beck, Audrey Earle, Robert Wilson Stephens and Gilbert White. The club was granted a loan of £25 from the Regatta Fund. Annual membership was to be half a crown (2s 6d).
Gilbert White was elected Commodore, Audrey Earle Vice-Commodore, Peter and Mel Beck “Organisers”, Mr May Treasurer and Joe Scoles “Gun Man”. Other committee members were Nelson Scoles, Billy Scoles, Marshall Raisbury, Francis Scoles, Billy Moore, Sheila Disney, Ned Thompson and Robert Wilson Stephens.
The club was to be known as “Overy Staithe Sailing Club”.
Simon Coombe presented a Cup. Audrey Earle’s converted longshore boat was used as a safety boat.
The AGM in 1962 was held in Peter and Melba Becks’ flat. Peter was appointed Treasurer and Robert Wilson Stephens as Secretary.The possibility of holding a “Round the Island” race was discussed. Also in 1962 it was decided to have an Annual Prizegiving at the Boathouse (2s 6d each). Lady Sylvia Coombe was invited to present the prizes. Commander Grenfell donated a silver cup to be raced for by Lady Helmsmen.
The 1963 AGM was held at the Boathouse. The committee decided to send £3 each to the following charities: Deep Sea Fishermen; King George’s Fund for Sailors and the Shipwrecked Mariners Society and this has continued to the present day as pennant races.
The 1964 AGM was held at the Boathouse. New elected committee members were Bill Fillenham, Ken Miller and Mr Ayres. The need for a Fairways Committee was discussed as yachts were being moored on the sailing course. The committee discussed the need for a signalling system for life saving. Sheila Disney was made an Hon Life Member of the sailing club.

The 1965 AGM was held at the Boathouse. 90 members had attended the prizegiving the previous evening at the Boathouse and generous thanks were given to Peter and Melba for organising this. Bill Williams was elected to the committee and agreed to act as starter.Negotiations were proceeding with the Crown Commissioners and the Nature Conservancy for the lease of navigable waters of the creek to a Fairways Committee.

At the 1966 AGM Dr Cooper and Mr Hoare were elected to the Committee.
Other committee members were Gilbert White (Commodore), Audrey Earle (Vice Commodore), Mr Miller, Mr Moore, Mr Fillenham, Mr Thompson, Nelson Scoles, Mr Ayres, Peter Beck and Robert Wilson Stephens. It was agreed to hold the Annual Social and Prizegiving at the Moorings Hotel (5s 6d per head had been quoted).It was agreed to merge the funds of the sailing club and the regatta committee.The committee urged the Fairways Committee to take action regarding the silting up of the creek.

The 1967 AGM took place on January 1st. It was agreed to notify the OK Class Association that OSSC sails OK Dinghies and to ask the class association to mention this in their Handbook.£75 was donated as a contribution towards the repair of the Chalk Bank.
At the January 1969 AGM Gilbert White resigned as Commodore and Dr Cooper was elected in his place. Other committee members re-elected were Bill Fillenham, Mr Hoare, Mr Mason, Garry Maufe, Ken Miller, Mr Moore, Mr Ryan, Nelson Scoles, Ned Thompson, Gilbert White.A social committee was formed. It was agreed to hire the village hall for the Regatta Prizegiving. The committee discussed a problem with the Overy Creek Mussell and Cockle Fishery Order, in that there was no provision for the sailing club to put down course marks or to recover capsized boats. It was agreed to object to the order.
It was agreed to hold the Annual Prizegiving and social in the Village Hall. There was also discussion as to whether to buy a club rescue craft.
Authorisation to buy a rescue boat was given at the 1970 AGM, up to a maximum expenditure of £450, including the engine.The club purchased a 12.5 foot Avon rubber dinghy for use as a safety boat, seen in the picture being examined by Francis Scoles (owner of Sharpie K71 (Tern 1)) and Peter Beck. (see plate 1). It was agreed that people racing should wear personal buoyancy. Peter Beck and Francis Scoles with the club's first rescue boat

At the 1971 AGM Audrey Earle resigned as Vice Commodore and was made an Hon Life Member. Bill Fillenham was elected Vice Commodore in her place.
The 1971 Regatta week highlights were: (see plate 2). OKs finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd within 10 metres of each other in the Nod Race (Jamie Pritchard, Peter Beck, Andy Turner).
Dave Cooper being thrown out of his OK on to the marsh, running along after his boat and re-mounting it to sail to the finishing line!
IngerliseMaufe and Paul Goakes winning the ladies race in Honey Bun.
Garry, Marit and Nina Maufe winning the Lorrimer Cup in their Jewel Topaz.
Peter and Mel Beck winning the Haines Cup in Honey Bun.

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