DateTide htTide timeEvent6 min gunRace OfficerRace Off. 2Rescue BoatRescue 2
Sat Jan 05Annual dinner & prize giving
Sun Jan 06AGM
Sat Apr 068.50819Shipwrecked Mariners* 0730Richard WarnerPeter SmithPaul. GoakesPaul Beachell
Sun Apr 078.50819Seafarers' Pennant* 0800Camilla WarnerRichard WarnerPaul Beachell
Sat Apr 209.00802Easter Egg Races - 10715Colin MorleyMalcolm MorleyAlex Smith Paul Beachell
Sun Apr 218.90841Easter Egg Races - 20745Andy TurnerAdam MillsColin MorleyCalum Dow
Mon Apr 228.80921Easter Egg Races - 30815Jerry ClarkJane HeathSimon TurnerTara
Sat May 048.31927Deep Sea Fishermen*1845Andrew StorerAdam MillsPaul GoakesBen Goakes
Sun May 058.50750Jubilee Trust Pennant* 0700Adam MillsJane HeathMark BeckPaul Goakes
Mon May 068.50824Spare0730
Sat May 188.61911Sharpie and Europe Open1730Will & Peter TurnerAndy TurnerDave CooperBernard Clark
Sun May 198.70741Sharpie and Europe Open0700Will & Peter TurnerAndy TurnerDave CooperBernard Clark
Sat Jun 018.11817Queen's jubilee Jug1745Rodney TiddAdam Tidd
Sat Jun 158.31811Scoles Trophy race 11715Camilla WarnerRichard Warner
Sun Jun 168.41859Scoles Trophy race 21800Camilla WarnerRichard WarnerPaul. Goakes
Sat Jun 228.01028SUPER HERO
Sat Jul 068.60952Elizabeth Mowbray Trophy0845Richard Warner
Paul. Goakes
Sun Jul 078.61037OK Open0900Andy TurnerDebs CrissellPaul. GoakesJerry Clark
Sat Jul 208.30931Clinker Races day 10830PeterAlex SmithNina Plumbe
Sun Jul 218.31003Clinker Races day 20900PeterAndrew StorerAlex Smith
Wed Jul 318.31911Oram (juniors) Brancaster 1800
Wed Jul 318.31911Oram (seniors) Brancaster1805
Thu Aug 018.51959NWNSA1830Andy TurnerSam MasonPaul GoakesJulie
Thu Aug 018.51959Oram (juniors) Passage Race1845Richard WarnerCamilla WarnerPaul. GoakesJulie
Thu Aug 018.51959Oram (seniors) Passage Race1850
Thu Aug 018.51959Jenny Lee TrophyASAPAndy TurnerSam MasonPaul GoakesJulie
Fri Aug 028.80811Oram (juniors) Overy0730Andy TurnerWill TurnerPaul. GoakesJulie
Fri Aug 028.80811Oram (seniors) Overy0735
Sat Aug 039.00853Laser Open Meeting - day 10800Malcolm MorleyJane HeathPaul. GoakesColin Morley
Sun Aug 049.10935Laser Open Meeting - day 20845Malcolm Morley Jane HeathPaul. GoakesColin Morley
Mon Aug 059.01019Goakes Trophy day 10915Sarah Bethell-JonesCaroline Dawes
Tue Aug 068.81105Goakes Trophy day 21000Simon DawesCaroline Dawes
Wed Aug 078.41155Simulated GRP clinker races1100Simon DawesCaroline DawesNina Plumbe
Wed Aug 147.91928Adult & Child Race1845Caroline DawesSimon DawesAlex Scoles
Thu Aug 158.02005Wilson Stephens Trophy1915Dave CooperSarah Bethel-JonesMalcolm MorleyAndrew Storer
Thu Aug 158.02005Overy Jerry1920Dave CooperSarah Bethel-JonesMalcolm MorleyAndrew Storer
Fri Aug 168.40806Crossley Holland (Regatta)0715Ash DeakinSuz DeakinPaul GoakesAnna Morley
Sat Aug 178.50837Regatta Day 1 0745Andy TurnerPeterPaul. GoakesCharlotte Toosey
Sun Aug 188.60906Regatta Day 2 0815Andy TurnerPeterPaul. GoakesGiles Toosey
Mon Aug 198.60938Regatta prizegiving- village hall
Mon Aug 198.60938Haines Cup 0845PeterHolly SmithColin MorleyMalcolm Morley
Tue Aug 208.41011Nod Race0915PeterMark Beck Paul GoakesDavid Shannon
Wed Aug 218.11046Ladies Race1000Malcolm MorleyHamish MorleySimon Turner Paul Goakes
Wed Aug 218.11046Laflin Trophy1000Malcolm MorleyHamish MorleySimon Turner Paul Goakes
Thu Aug 227.81123Timmy Roy Trophy - Mirror Open meeting1000Andy TurnerSophia HodgesPaul. GoakesJulie Carroll
Sat Aug 247.21301Water Sports1130
Sat Aug 319.00751Tankard0700Sam MasonSally Smith
Sun Sep 019.30832Galleon0730Rodney Tidd
Alex ScolesDug Aylen
Sat Sep 148.50741Chris Geering Trophy0700Simon Turner
Sun Sep 158.70811Trafalgar race 0730Camilla WarnerRichard Warner
Sat Sep 288.71923Spare1830
Sun Sep 299.20728Spare0700
Sat Jan 04 2020Annual dinner & prize giving
Sun Jan 05 2020AGM

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Colour key:open meetingjuniorrestrictedregattaspareall membersnon-sailing

* This year, the plan is to score the pennant races using personal handicaps based on last years' results. More on this exciting new development when Andy has run his carefully hand-crafted numbers past the committee!

The EUROPE OPEN MEETING: Europes are now sharing with Sharpies.
NEW!! Oram, this year, will have two divisions: adult and junior
Overy Jerry: over 60
Juniors: under 17 years.
Regatta: welcomes all comers.

Other Venues, 2019: