Here are sunrise and sunset times at Overy Staithe for the coming fortnight.
Times are GMT: add an hour to results during BST

Tue 17th Jul 201804:5121:15
Wed 18th Jul 201804:5221:13
Thu 19th Jul 201804:5321:12
Fri 20th Jul 201804:5521:11
Sat 21st Jul 201804:5621:10
Sun 22nd Jul 201804:5821:08
Mon 23rd Jul 201804:5921:07
Tue 24th Jul 201805:0121:05
Wed 25th Jul 201805:0221:04
Thu 26th Jul 201805:0421:02
Fri 27th Jul 201805:0521:01
Sat 28th Jul 201805:0720:59
Sun 29th Jul 201805:0920:57
Mon 30th Jul 201805:1020:56

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This page calculates sunrise and sunset for the lattitude and longitude of Overy Staithe using native functions of the PHP scripting language. The script is based on 'Sunrise - Sunset' by Long Beach Weather (Michael Challis),

This is version 0.001! Any comments or suggestions gratefully accepted.